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Back Pain is a very common problem in any society. In fact at least 90% of the population will suffer from some type of back pain at least once in their lifetime.

Half of those will suffer repetition of back pain over their life. The ABS states that 9.2% of the population suffer back pain at any one time. Back pain may come from different structure in the back and may involve muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, discs and nerves.

Accurate diagnosis leads to a better, quicker outcome. The causes of back pain may be many and varied and may relate to work, sport, arthritis, osteoporosis or even poor posture.

There are many factors that may increase the risk of back pain for instance; long term sitting, driving, particularly heavy vehicles, smoking or even certain occupations and age. While 86% of the population with back pain may only suffer pain one day per week, 14% will suffer persistent ongoing back pain.

The management of back pain is generally simple and the results of treatment and education may improve lifestyle and promote a healthier pain free status. Contact BHPC if you would like to discuss you back pain.


In this age of smart phones and tablet use we are seeing an increase in neck pain and headaches.

This is one of the more recent causes of neck pain. Neck pain may be the result of sport injuries, work related injuries, motor vehicle accidents or may occur for no apparent reason.

Neck pain may lead to a restriction of movement in any or all movements of the neck, it may lead to referred pain in one or both arms, it may also produce a feeling of pins and needles and or numbness in various parts of the upper limb.

The optimum treatment of neck pain is to seek early intervention and manage your symptoms quickly. Also a quick return to all of your normal duties promotes a faster recovery rate. Generally recovery is swift, however there are times when recovery does not proceed as expected and you should seek further advice.

If you suffer neck pain for any reason then contact one of our musculoskeletal physiotherapists for accurate advice or management.


There are many causes of headaches, some simple, some not so simple.

Again headaches are a major complaint of the modern world and may relate to stress, over use, arthritis, neck problems or direct injuries.

Primary headaches include migraine, tension and cluster headaches. Sometimes headaches can affect your quality of life and though some people might find headaches manageable others might find them quite debilitating.

Migraine headaches are the second most common headaches and may affect children and adults. True migraines need to be managed by your Doctor. Cluster headaches are rare and are thought to affect about 0.1% of the population and required specialist opinion. Primary headaches can be managed by a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, you do not have to live with such a headache! Call BHPC for a consultation.


Sport plays​ an important social, cultural and health role in Australia. It promotes good health, friendships, competition, fun, opportunity and sometimes injury.

Preparation for sport is as important as is managing and preventing sports injuries. Sports injuries will always happen and even our top sports people at some time will suffer from some type of injury, be it simple or complicated.

BHPC works closely with many sports people and groups to minimise their injuries and promote a quick return to their specific activities. The staff are BHPC are highly trained professionals who will be able to get you back to good health and training, we will organise and suitable return to sport that suits you and your requirements.


BHPC is a WorkCover approved practice.

BHPC provides quality health care and rehabilitation for injured workers to return them to normal health and a satisfactory return to duties.

WorkCover approved physiotherapists are trained to treat  injured workers within a workers compensation environment, focusing on achieving and safe and long term return to work.


BHPC provides treatment to those injured in a motor vehicle accident.

To access such services you must contact your insurer and the treating physiotherapist will provide the insurer with a Notification of Commencement of Treatment Form.

BHPC provides evidence based treatment and maintains an open reporting system with the insurer.




Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy is an advanced education for Physiotherapists in the treatment and management musculoskeletal pain.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose and evaluate your problem quickly and accurately and therefore provide a reduction or relief of your pain.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists can then provide you with the strategies you need to manage your pain from injury and to enable you to return to your normal activities as quickly as possible. Patient education relating to your own injury or condition will help you to manage yourself better and improve your general fitness following injury.

At BHPC you will receive an exercise program where applicable, aimed at helping to prevent further injury and allowing you to return to all of the normal activities you enjoy with less risk of further injury.


Sports Physiotherapy is a specialised area of Physiotherapy which deals with injuries resulting from any sporting activities.

Sports Physiotherapists are trained in the management of injuries, the recognition of the severity of an injury and the need an athlete might have to return to their sport as soon as it is safe to do so.

Sports Physiotherapists are skilled at diagnosing and treating injuries with the most appropriate method and based on sound evidence and knowledge.

At BHPC all of our Physiotherapists use their manual therapy skills to manage injuries and hasten a return to sport or work. All manner of braces and supports are available when required to hasten a safe return to activities/sport and to prevent further injuries.


An exercise physiologist is a university qualified allied health professional, who specialises in clinical exercise interventions for persons at high-risk of developing, or with existing chronic and complex medical conditions and injuries.

These interventions are provided by exercise delivery including health and physical activity education, advice and support and lifestyle modification with a strong focus on achieving behavioural change. Physiotherapists with an exercise physiology background are the most qualified practitioners able to provide an appropriate exercise program aimed at management and prevention of injuries.


BHPC provides rehabilitation following surgery, injury, acute or chronic problems.

Both of our sites have ground level, easy access for persons with disabilities, crutches or wheel chairs. We are equipped to help you following joint replacements, arthroscopic surgery, sports injuries, fractures or reconstructive surgery and in doing so prepare you to return to normal activities or sport.

We have a fully equipped gymnasium where you will be given a full hands on one to one approach to your rehabilitation. You are not part of a class or group, a program will be designed just for your situation by titled physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.


At BHPC we are able to provide necessary immobilisation using plasters or the water proof fiberglass splints.

We are also able to source and supply any brace or guard you may require to enable a safe return to work or to sporting activities.


BHPC​ works closely with many surgeons both to prepare you for surgery and to help you in progress after surgery and return to your normal daily routine.

Recovery after elective orthopaedic surgery is quicker and easier if you are well prepared for surgery. A suitable exercise regime before a joint replacement for instance will help you to be ready and prepared for rehabilitation after surgery. Discuss your requirements with your surgeon and contact BHPC for an appointment.


Pre and Post Natal care can assist you with low back pain or upper back pain during or after your pregnancy.

Musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy can spoil an otherwise joyous time in your life. After you have your baby and you are spending more time bending over and carrying your new baby you may also suffer some back pain and or neck pain. This can be easily addressed by visiting us at BHPC.